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Europe & North America at MIPIM 2015

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High attendance from Europe & North America at MIPIM 2015

MIPIM 2015 will see a significant rise in attendance from European territories as well as the United States and Canada. Discover what these countries will have in store this year in Cannes!

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Zadig et Voltaire

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Retailer of Week: Zadig et Voltaire

Welcome to our Retailer of the Week - Zadig et Voltaire, a French luxury clothing brand that will be at MAPIC this November in order to share their expansion plans and seize new business opportunities.

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Open - Saint-Genis-Pouilly, France

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Forum des Halles Showcased at MAPIC 2014

Forum des Halles, Jeu de Paume, Bourse, Euralille, Les Passages Pasteur, McArthur Glen Provence, Open, Val d'Europe and Polygone Riviera will be showcased at MAPIC 2014.

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Highlight on France at MIPIM 2013

Discover some of the outstanding French projects that will be on show this year at MIPIM.

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Retailer of the Week: Oxbow

French retailer Oxbow is making waves in the world of surfwear.

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Nocibé Facebook

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Retailer of the Week: Nocibé

With a thriving Facebook page, an incentive-driven Twitter engagement, and an iPhone application to boot, this French beauty retailer is well ahead in the multi-channel retailing race.

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Chapman Taylor in France – Clare Dobson

An interview with Daniela Lauret, Associate Director of the Paris office and regular MIPIM attendee.

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Lyon Part-Dieu

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Much to offer in Lyon – Marie-Astrid Morin, Grand Lyon

A well-planned and reasonable real estate offer

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Jacqueline Faisant

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Property Influencer: Jacqueline Faisant

Property influencer Jacqueline Faisant shared insights about where best to invest during troubled economic times.

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Paris, Notre Dame

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French investment markets surges to four-year high – Anika Michalowska

Despite an uncertain 2011 economic environment, France's real estate market remained on an upward trend in 2011.

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Family Village

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City centres are extremely important; the suburbs are too

All the political hype about the move towards city centres should not mask the fact that the suburbs are in dire need of retail infrastructure. Alain Boutigny takes a closer look.

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France: an attractive target for real estate investors ?

A look ahead at the French real estate market

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Retail at the heart of planning

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Retail at the heart of planning – Anika Michalowska

Opportunities for retail development are growing in the French regions, especially in city centres, where retail is an integral part of urban development.

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Value-added retail

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Value-added retail – Mark Faithfull

French consumers have become extremely price-sensitive, and retailers have had to adjust.

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French focus for global retail

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French focus for global retail – Anika Michalowska

France is one of the most international retail markets in the world and its global presence is increasing.

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