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Ma Yansong is recognized as an important voice in a new generation of architects. Since the founding of MAD Architects in 2004, his works in architecture and art have been widely published and exhibited. In 2008, he was selected as one of the twenty most influential Young Architects today by ICON magazine.  Fast Company named him as one of the ten most creative people in architecture in 2009. In 2010 he became the first architect from China to receive a RIBA fellowship.

Yansong Ma was at MIPIM this year to speak about “Building Innovation“. We lucky to get a few minutes of his time during his stay to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing architectual design and property development in China, and the growing demand for Chinese architects throughout Europe.

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Short on time? Skip directly tot he question that interests you most:

What is your mail interest being here at MIPIM?

What is it like to be an architect involved in shaping the new landscape in China?

Are their key principles you stick to when you approach a new project?

Why do think that China in particular is so open to new forms of architecture?

As a Chinese architect, what do you think you can bring to Europe in terms of architecture and design?

In your persepctive, what are the big trends that will shape the future of architecture and property development?


Check out Ma Yansong and other notable architects in the keynote discussion on “Building Innovation”, from MIPIM 2012.

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