5 Reasons to Invest in Greater Paris

Why Paris Region?

International entrepreneurs and investors routinely cite the Region’s following major assets: world-class innovation, a thriving startup hub and highly skilled talents as the main reasons behind their decision to flock to Paris Region. Here is an overview of the many reasons why Paris Region is a unique place for doing business.


1. An innovation powerhouse

Paris Region is an innovation powerhouse, home to cutting edge sectors and areas of expertise. Companies across all industries find a hub that gathers major players in their fields of business as well as top-ranked high-tech clusters and research centres. This unique landscape generates exciting opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. For example, combining IT and health­care, or automotive and eco-technology.

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Paris Region - Genopole


2. A business hub at the heart of Europe

Located at the crossroads of Europe, companies based in Paris Region can enjoy an unrivaled access to a European market of 500+ million customers in Europe but also access other markets such as the African and Asian markets. Benefiting from three international airports offering direct flights to more than 260 destinations worldwide, a high-speed national rail network and a wide underground network, companies in Paris Region are connected to Europe and the rest of the world.

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Paris Region - Saint Denis Pleyel

copyright Kengo Kuma – Saint Denis Pleyel


3. A pool of highly skilled talents

Home to a large, well-educated, and international workforce, Paris Region is also an ideal place to source technical skills and top talent. Ranked amongst the world’s leading destination for R&D investments, the region’s world-class universities, engineering and top MBA programs are a major draw for companies looking to recruit.

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Paris Region - P4

P4 (which stands for Pôle Paris Pantin Pré Saint-Gervais)


4. A sustainable region

Deeply committed to promoting sustainability, Paris Region is engaged in advancing sustaina­bility through business, environmentally responsible urban planning, and promoting projects which have a positive social impact. The region is a perfect place to test and launch your sustai­nable solutions.

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Paris Region - Arboretum

copyrigth W02 – Arboretum


5. A cosmopolitan & great place to live

As well as being a top business destination, Paris Region offers many career opportunities. Not only can you set up your own business from scratch, but you can do research in a leading research lab or join a large international corporation. Whether for you or your spouse, the job market in Paris Region is one of the most dynamic markets in Europe and job offers are plen­tiful. With its unbeatable cultural offering and large green spaces, there is also something for everyone. Cinema, sport, gastronomy, national parks, museums…You name it, we have it! Whe­rever they come from, families will find Paris Region also boasts with a solid network of inter­national schools where tuition for their children is available in many different languages. As you travel around Paris Region, you will come across thousands of people from different cultures and backgrounds that make Paris Region a very cosmopolitan place to live in.

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Paris Region - Les Ateliers Gaîté

copyright L’Autre Image – Les Ateliers Gaîté


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