Podcast - Orna Rosenfeld: in the making of inclusive cities

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Orna Rosenfeld: inclusive urban futures for all

Decent and affordable housing is the bedrock upon which to build inclusive cities. But it’s becoming more and more difficult as the price of housing is increasing much faster than the average salary.

This is the kind of question that fascinate Orna Rosenfeld, an urban strategist, author and global advisor on housing that has worked with the World Bank, the European Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

“I’m trying to make inclusive urban futures available to as many people as possible” she explains.

When asked about the future she would like to avoid and the one she wants to help take shape, Orna Rosenfeld decided to frame it an other way:

« I’m not thinking it this way. There is no future I would like to avoid. We have to prepare ourselves for different possibilities, different kinds of futures, in plural. Because if we say this is the future I don’t want and that’s the future I want… you’re only giving yourself one option. »

Inclusive cities - Orna Rosenfeld

Orna Rosenfeld, an urban strategist, author and global advisor


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