Podcast – Hélène Chartier: mission decarbonization

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Hélène Chartier: “C40 is the voice of mayors in the fight against climate change

We need to reinvent our cities. We need to take bold climate action, leading the way towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

This much seems to sound clear for most players in the industry, leading to a race to carbon neutrality (on which we already published a white paper on decarbonizing real estate).

Today, we are meeting with Hélène Chartier, head of Zero Carbon Development at C40, an organization that she presents as the « voice of mayors in the fight against climate change ».

Hélène Chartier - Mission Decarbonization

Summit 2019 © C40 World Mayors Summit

More specifically, the organization is gathering around 100 mega-cities committed to fight the climate crisis, with the participation of mayors like Michael Bloomberg in New York and Anne Hidalgo in Paris.

Hélène Chartier - Mission Decarbonization

Mayor Garcetti, Mayor Hidalgo, Sarah Bastin

Hélène Chartier: mission decarbonization

Hélène Chartier, far from wanting to blame the industry, wants to show the opportunities awaiting in the crises and the reward of being a pioneer, becoming one of the leaders who will transform the built environment.

We know that buildings represent more than 50% of the carbon emission of cities. It’s a huge contributor. In that sense, the built environment has a huge responsibility, and also a huge role to play.

Hélène Chartier - Mission Decarbonization

Hélène Chartier, head of Zero Carbon Development at C40

This fuels her mission: to develop programs to accelerate the decarbonization of buildings and urban regeneration projects.

One of the most emblematic project she is working on is called « Reinventing cities », promising to design a green and just urban future.

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