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Cheung Kong Holdings is a property development and strategic investment company. It is one of the largest developers in Hong Kong of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Justin Chiu joined Cheung Kong Holdings in 1997 and has been an Executive Director since 2000. He is the Chairman of ARA Asset Management Limited , ARA Asset Management Limited as the manager of Fortune REIT, ARA Trust Management Limited as the manager of Suntec REIT , and ARA Asset Management Limited as the manager of Prosperity REIT. Mr. Chiu is also a Director of ARA Fund Management Limited as the manager of the ARA Asia Dragon Fund. Mr. Chiu has more than 30 years of international experience in real estate in Hong Kong and various countries and is a director of a company controlled by a substantial shareholder of the Company within the meaning of Part XV of the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

Get a better idea of the state of the Asian real estate market in our exclusive interview with Justin Chiu during MIPIM Asia last November:





Short on time? Skip directly to the questions that interest you:


What projects are you presenting at MIPIM Asia this year?

What effects will the economy have on Asian property markets?

Sectorally and geographically, were do you see the key areas of growth in the region?

How has the atmosphere changed here at MIPIM Asia over the past few years?

How is sustainable development being adopted throughout the region?

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