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Ben Simpfendorfer is the Managing Director of Silk Road Associates. Former Chief China Economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland and former Senior China Economist at JPMorgan, he has advised many of the world’s largest financial investors and multinationals on China’s economy.

Under Global Strategic Associates, Ben advises a prestigious group of Chinese, Middle Eastern, and other foreign clients on cross-border business and investment opportunities. He is the author of “The New Silk Road”, a book published in 2009 in five languages that examines China’s relations with the Middle East. He has been invited as a speaker by many prominent institutions, notably the U.S. State Department, Council on Foreign Relations, and IMF.

We were grateful to get a few minutes with him at MIPIM Asia to get his perspective on property investment in China. Don’t miss this exclusive interview!





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What are your primary objectives here at MIPIM Asia this year?

How will the Asian property market be affected by the global economic crisis?

Over the course of 5-10 years, where do you see the key trends emerging?

What place do you think sustainable development has in the future of China?

What other key areas in the region will expect to see growth in the future?

Which real estate sectors are showing the most innovation across Asia?

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