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During MIPIM 2014,  top decision makers from pension funds, insurance funds, investment firms, sovereign wealth funds, and institutional investors, gathered together to challenge the current trends within the Real Estate Asset Management industry and to predict its future movement.

Among the 30 institutions from 15 countries that attended RE-Invest 2014 were GIC Real Estate, Kuwait Investment Authority, State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan, Employees Provident Fund (Malaysia), Employees Retirement System of Texas, PSB Investment (Canada), Royal Mail Pensions (UK), and UTIMCO (USA).

The KPMG Survey from RE-Invest 2014 revealed that investment in real estate is on the upswing. Real estate may well be on its way to emerging as a stand-alone major
asset class in a diversified portfolio, as investors are now seeking to reduce their exposure to traditional portfolios comprising of only bonds and equities.

Surprisingly, investors’ preference for how to invest changed dramatically from last year; 81% now prefer direct holdings/separate account mandates, up from 41% last year. In addition, investors preference for club funds, deals, or joint ventures, has increased from 35% last year to 55% this year.


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