Engaging the future of real estate and investing in tomorrow's world

MIPIM and Nuveen Real Estate are delighted to share their third collaborative report which examines the three main drivers of structural change – demographics, technology and sustainability – that they believe are most relevant in shaping tomorrow’s world.

The real estate industry is well accustomed to dealing with cyclical change, however as we look to the future, it is essential to understand these themes because the disruption presents opportunities to create value, as well as potential threats.

The challenge for real estate, and for all stakeholders along the value chain, is to react fast enough to the change in consumers, technology and the climate. If we can harness this change, we believe we can help to create a city of the future that better serves the needs of society and the environment.

With contribution from ESSEC Business School’s students, this collaborative report also highlights our favourite ‘MIPIM talk’ topics from this year’s conference.


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This report was co-authored by a team of Nuveen analysts, including Jack Sibley, who leads Nuveen’s Real Estate’s global Innovation & Technology initiative.

About Author

Jack Sibley leads Nuveen Real Estate’s initiative to embrace technological innovation, change and disruption. This includes proactively engaging with start-ups, producing market-leading research on key technological trends and their impact across assets, sectors and cities, and integrating latest technology awareness and insights into the heart of the business’ investment process.

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