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Villiers Island - Toronto, Canada

Villiers Island – Toronto, Canada

The Villiers Island precinct will be a stunning new waterfront community that embraces its distinct industrial port heritage and the spectacular new parks, public spaces and ecological richness that will result from the naturalization of the mouth of the Don River. Surrounded by water on all sides, this new mixed-use community offers tremendous development opportunity. Situated minutes from downtown Toronto, Villiers Island will form the gateway from the West Don Lands and East Bayfront neighbourhoods to the rest of the Port Lands.

Currently not an island, Villiers Island will be created when the new mouth of the Don River and flood protection features are built. The island will be approximately 35.5 hectares (88 acres) in size, with a developable area of 22 hectares (54 acres). The remaining 13.5 hectares (34 acres) will be water’s edge parks and public spaces, with exceptional views of Toronto’s Inner Harbour and the city’s skyline.

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