Podcast - Rob Hopkins: "we cannot build what we cannot imagine"

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Rob Hopkins: from what is to what if

It takes less than a minute to feel that you’ve known Rob Hopkins for years. He just is the kind of easy-going person that you want to speak to for hours.

Rob likes to keep himself busy. When he is not traveling around to share his experience as the founder of the Transition Movement and the Transition Town of Totnes, he is writing books (his last book is named « From what is to what if »), hosting a podcast called « From what if to what next », he is also teaching, gardening, and directing a brewery among other things.

We need to be able to imagine positive, feasible, delightful versions of the future before we can create them. Not utopias, but futures where things turned out OK. Having the opportunity to “test drive” the future, to experience different versions of the future, can help us feel they are possible.

Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Movement and the Transition Town of Totnes

Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Movement and the Transition Town of Totnes

This quote, from his book « From what is to what if » encapsulates one big idea from Rob Hopkins. The fact that we cannot build what we cannot imagine and that we urgently need to work on this skill if we want to respond to the challenges that our world is facing.

His biggest accomplishment is probably his work for the transition towns: a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

MIPIM Leaders’ Perspectives – Rob Hopkins

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