MIPIM Startup Competition 2018: And the winners are...

Disruptive Technologies, producer of what it claims to be the world’s smallest wireless sensor, was yesterday crowned the winning startup in MIPIM’s third Startup Competition.

The company, exhibiting at MIPIM for the second year, uses its sensor technology by working with other partners to create case-specific solutions such as space monitoring and comfort management within buildings.

The sensors are simply stuck where required and with a 15-year battery life and a virtually indestructible casing can be deployed “almost anywhere, quickly and easily”, according to the company.

“This sensor allows us to do cost savings, increase margins and improve tenant relationships,” said CEO Erik Fossum Færevaag (centre above).

Second in the competition was Workwell, an app that allows building services to be centralised in one app. “Our vision is to digitally enhance physical spaces,” said Workwell co-founder Paul Dupuy.

Third was Physee, a company that produces what head of business development, Maarten de Haas, described as “true innovation without compromise. We have developed the world’s first fully transparent energy- and data-generating windows and transformed existing single-purpose material glass into a form of power,” he said.

MIPIM’s third Startup Competition attracted a huge audience of delegates looking to understand what the most promising and innovative startups that tackle urban challenges around the world, are doing.

The competition saw nine finalists pitch their businesses to judges onstage.

Aaron Block, co-founder and managing director of MetaProp NYC and the real estate tech partner for the competition, was master of ceremonies. He said the audience was up to three times the size of previous years with the quality of startups also improving. “I would like to praise all of you. Your businesses are really a calibre above what we have seen in previous years and you should all be very proud of yourselves,” he said.

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