Interview with Jaga: Sustainable HVAC Solutions Company

Jaga manufactures a wide range of energy-efficient HVAC solutions


What sets them apart:


They have very strong core values with regards to sustainable production of goods. They take into account all elements regarding the environment when developing their products.  They are a family owned company so stockholders do not dictate their business motives, which allows them freedom to develop products that are of the best quality.


Their mission according to Bert Kriekels, Executive Director of Jaga, is to make the most sustainable, energy efficient and beautiful products to increase occupant comfort in their buildings.


They live by these 5 Core Values:


Respect Nature – By reducing the Co2 and emissions, using as many recycled materials products which all can be recycled themselves at the end of their useful life. Create products that use no raw materials, make little noise and use the least amount of energy.

Awake the Artist – Find the beauty in your design and make it attractive visually to your clients. If someone thinks something is beautiful they are likely to take care of it more.

Dream a Future – They live by the motto “Innovate or Die” which means you have to continually change and just because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean it is the best way. You must always be adapting to new technologies.

Create Emotion – Try to have people experience the products and see for themselves. They offer a test area in their Belgium Headquarters where clients can test out different technologies in a controlled environment and see for themselves the performance.

Build Bridges – They see themselves as navigators by building bridges by connecting people with products they need:


  • Develop systems that can respond quickly
  • They are continually pushing the limits and trying new things. They admit they are the most successful when the have direct contact with the building owners for new construction. Then they can really get the message across and allow them to know they are doing something for the world and want to do the right thing.
  • Their philosophy is not just make money now so you get people who care about sustainability and are willing to pay more upfront although they absolutely do their best to manufacture at low costs and have been successful.
  • The perception of green energy being more expensive is one of their greatest challenges. Use the term of green energy to turn up their products.


During our meeting it was clear that their passion is real. Their goal is to raise awareness of human’s impact on the environment. They want to make people conscious about the fact that every light bulb, every car that going down the street is adding to the fire. Put out the fire.

Raf Moors, Senior Project Manager

Bert Kriekels, Executive Director



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