Interview with Parallax Technologies, MIPIM 2016 Startup Competition finalist

Jason Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Parallax Technologies, was named as a winner in the Hong Kong round of the 2015 MIPIM Startup Competition. The winners from the London, Hong Kong and Europe startup rounds won the chance to head to Cannes for a final pitch in front of an exclusive jury of experts in the real estate and technology field. We got a chance to get some feedback from finalist Jason Wong on the global experience.

MIPIMWorld: What was the inspiration behind Parallax Technologies? 

Jason Wong: The inspiration came from Google and its push market  virtual reality (“VR”) cardboard goggles.  Before cardboard goggles, users had to wear clunky virtual reality headsets tethered to a high-end computer to experience VR.  With the cardboard goggle, it works in conjunction with any smartphone to truly offer VR to the masses anywhere, any time.  We believe that smartphones have become ubiquitous and that users are finally ready to embrace Virtual Reality.  We further believe this on-demand immersive VR experience adds tremendous value to the real estate sector especially for pre-marketing and selling abroad.


MIPIMWorld: How did you find the MIPIM Startup Competition process?

Jason Wong: I felt the process was the right mix of effort and result.  The application and vetting processes were not too onerous as to deter small start-ups from joining.  Once you are in play, you will truly appreciate the process and how it filtered and selected high quality competition for a high quality event.


MIPIMWorld: What was the experience like in Cannes as a finalist? Did you receive any direct benefits?

Jason Wong: Being a finalist gives credibility and access.  Just telling someone you just met that you are a finalist will get you their attention and their business cards.  Where that leads from there, depends on how good your pitch is! As for us, the moment we were named a finalist and walked off stage, we got invited to pitch to the senior management of a blue-chip real estate company in Hong Kong. 🙂


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Jason Wong, Parallax Technologies, MIPIM STARTUP Competition

Jason Wong, Jason Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Parallax Technologies



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