How can you promote customer experience?

How can you promote customer experience? Which can me the difference between your assets & an other? What is the best practices to communicate on your services & spaces ? How digital technologies can change your image ? Is digital is suitable for new environment obligation?


After Covid period, flex office and teleworking increase, spaces hybridization, new behavior with work, energy costs, etc. Assets Managers have to change their strategy of communication with their clients. They need to be agile and active to suit with new customers habits and environment changes.

Working on client experiences to make THE difference, BLEU DALCANS & MON LUMI have designed the visitor experience to promote and highlight both areas PROPEL STATION & ROAD TO ZERO with an efficient scenography in the stairs of the main entrance.

For more than 18 years, BLEU DALCANS is specialized in design and installation of clients experiences in real estate, retail spaces and hospitality.

BLEU DALCANS diverts digital from its simply functional dimension to convert it in experiential goals and use recycled and biosources materials to :

  • Distinguish your assets
  • Communicate on your services, spaces and events
  • Re-enchant your spaces and create memorable feelings for your clients
  • Support promotion of your asset by increasing prospects experience
  • Re-invent the space with digital immersive atmosphere

The BLEU DALCANS creative team (Architect, Motion Designer, Creative Director, Graphists, Technical Director, etc. create experience journey, design digital support, recommand technology and create contents (art, digital signage, services, real time datas, etc.) and designed for fixed installations & Marketing Suites

As an technologies provider, MON LUMI is a new concept of integrated lamps allowing interactive video mapping on tables or floors to communicate, inform, and entertain in a simple, innovative and very effective way, in public spaces such as points of sale, bars, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, museums, etc.

The MON LUMI concept was awarded the “Innovation Award” at the “Restaurant & Bar Tech” trade show in London

Their lamps are supplied in many designs, shapes, and sizes from suspensions down to table or floor standing devices.
They are usually used for table, counters and floor projections and thanks to computer vision & machine learning (AI), MON LUMI lamps are virtually able to transform any ordinary surface into a tactile area and to equally recognize and interact with the objects present there.


Meet BLEU DALCANS at MIPIM 2023 from 14 to 17 March.

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Bleu Dalcans is an agency 360° consultancy agency with expertise in real estate, retail and hospitality.

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