4 Ways the Cloud is Changing CRE for the Better

The introduction of the Cloud has really changed the way we work and how we operate from day to day. Information was once only accessible within the office, but now all of our data is backed up and stored in a central location that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device at any time. Let’s take a deeper dive into four ways the Cloud is changing commercial real estate for the better.

You Can Do More in Less Time

Brokers are no longer chained to their desks, because they can access important documents from their phones. If a client calls and has questions about a transaction, the information is right in the palm of the broker’s hand. Whether a broker is out in the field or at their desk, they have unlimited access to everything they have stored in the Cloud. Brokers no longer have to wait to get back to the office to accomplish something.

The Cloud Has Replaced Software

The Cloud has now made organization a cinch. There is no need to keep track of updating programs and managing software licenses and keeping track of installation CDs. In commercial real estate, the clients always come first, meaning the analysts need to be ready to go if and when a client needs them, making it hard to keep track of every little detail including software management.

Data is Safer

Data is never truly lost with the Cloud, since now it serves as a virtual hard drive. Analysts no longer need to rely on USB drives and CDs to transfer and backup information. All of the important information and documents can be stored in The Cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

You are Always Prepared

The Cloud has created a platform that allows for everyone to always be organized and prepared. When a broker needs something, it can be easily located in the cloud. The less time a broker has to spend locating information, the more time they have to dedicate to tasks that will directly affect their bottom line.

The Bottom Line

Companies are transitioning to the Cloud for many reasons:

  • Cuts operational costs
  • Facilitates access to data
  • Enables a consistent workflow
  • Saves time in regard to setup and training
  • It is mobile-optimized and independent from the devices they are using
  • Applications integrate easily
  • Reduced maintenance

If Everything Else is Hosted in the Cloud, Why Shouldn’t Your DCF Models and Valuations Be, Too?
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Rockport VAL is a majority-owned subsidiary of Rockport PA, LLC ("Rockport") Rockport, founded over a decade ago by Rick Trepp, is the recognized industry standard provider of a Saas solution for commercial mortgage loan origination, underwriting, securitization and asset management. Rockport VAL enjoys the benefit of having Moody's Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody's Corporation as a minority investor in Rockport VAL and joint developer and licensor of VAL.

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