MIPIM UK 2017 Day 1 Highlights

MIPIM UK opened its doors bright and early for a 4th consecutive year today, with property professionals from UK regions and around the globe, flooding into the Olympia conference centre for 2 days.

Investment, Housing and Innovation were centre stage at MIPIM UK today. Following a warm welcome from Baroness Fairhead, announcing that UK is open for business, the Department of International Trade announced the launch of a 1.3 billion pound property portfolio of 7 projects to drive investment in Northern Ireland.

With a continuous shortage in supply, UK housing continues to be a major theme at MIPIM UK, as panelists from both the private and public sector debate the current housing strategy and its limitations. We can witness more willingness to collaborate between the public and private sectors, and a heightened interest for the PRS (private rental sector) to provide the future housing supply that is needed in the UK. There is also a huge focus on modular and innovative methods of construction to speed up delivery, safeguard quality and save money.

The pulse of innovation could be felt throughout the conference hall with packed panel discussions on data acquisition in the property sector, with particular focus on the evolving role of the agent, as well as the Keynote from Greg Williams, Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, on the digital trends transforming the world and it’s impact on the built environment.

Economist, author and broadcaster, Tim Harford, also delivered a keynote on economic forecasting.

Mr. Harford shared several stories of past economists and what made them so good (or not) at forecasting some of the more recent market events in modern history. He reminded everyone that since the government doesn’t know what the Brexit will look like, it’s hard for the economists to know.  “If you really want a good forecast, you might as well just hire a monkey.” To wrap up his talk, he quoted famous economist John Meynard Kaynes,“When my information changes, i change my opinion.. what do you do?”

Watch Tim Harford’s Keynote:


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