MIPIM Hospitality Summit - full report, by ESSEC
The Hospitality Summit, sponsored by Accor and in partnership with MKG Consulting, enabled business leaders to exchange plans for reinventing the sector. It kicked off with a welcome from Reed MIDEM’s Ronan Vaspart and Vanguélis Panayotis, CEO of MKG Group, before Dr. Holger Schmieding, chief economist of Berenberg, delivered his keynote analysing the outlook.
Said Schmieding: “We seem to be on track for a tick-shaped recovery. Shops and factories have already resumed, further business investment and fiscal stimulus will follow. The 4th stage will bring us back to pre-pandemic levels of economic activity by early 2022 for the likes of France, Germany and the US, while Italy and the UK will take another year, due to economic weakness and the impacts of Brexit respectively.”

The roundtable stage of the summit saw delegates divided across 10 tables to discuss 10 hot hospitality topics. After chatting for an hour, the chair of each table reported back with some fascinating insights. Themes ranging from cashflow streams to co-branding, holiday types and the relationship of hotels to their cities all came under the spotlight.

Arnoud Vink, Vice President of Development at Accor, reported back from a roundtable exploring “how to diversify cashflow streams”. “From co-working facilities to Zoom rooms, student dorms to staycation options, hotels should try to attract local customers,” he said.

“Travel has changed and travellers have changed. People want the real deal when they visit an iconic city; they don’t look at star rating, they want the local experience,” suggested Alexander Schneider, President, Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts, on the theme of  “how hospitality trends contribute to the attractiveness of cities”.

The summit wrapped up with a CEO panel, featuring three leaders from the world of hospitality. Said Franck Gervais, CEO Europe of Accor: “A lot of people talk about agility, but they don’t really know what it is. Our hotels are now becoming social hubs, F&B and entertainment are becoming more important. We have to serve people who want to find positive places where to spend time.”

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