MIPIM’s 30th edition: Interview with Judy Marks, President of Otis

July Marks currently leads Otis – the iconic company that remains at the forefront of the elevator industry it created 165 years ago – through a remarkable digital and cultural transformation. She will be joining the discussion at MIPIM “Engaging the future” on the panel “Thinkers & Leaders: driving change”


Here is what she envisions for the industry:

 Imagine the future of your industry: How do you see your business evolving in the future?

In the next decade, there will still be physical movement of people in buildings and elsewhere, but it will evolve – especially with the enormous impact of smart cities and autonomous vehicles. Otis is at the vertical start and end of this mobility chain, and we’re going to make a difference in moving people safely – in an integrated, connected, virtual and physical way, making experiences more efficient and meaningful.


Professional commitment: What will be your driving force?

My driving force has always been, and will continue to be, the commitment I have to people.

That includes the 2 billion people who rely on our products every day to reach their destinations; our customers who choose Otis because we’re responsive, trustworthy, and put safety first; and my 68,000 colleagues who keep society moving by serving our customers and passengers every day in every corner of the world.


Political framework/governance wish for the future of the industry:

We need a high-performing, people-first culture to ensure long-term success.

As a technologist and engineer, I fully believe in the incredible strength and value of technology. But the most advanced technologies alone can’t deliver results – people deliver those results. Having a culture where employees are engaged, empowered and sharing in a common vision is what will truly make us successful.


Join her! Save the date on the 12 March: THINKERS & LEADERS: DRIVING CHANGE Grand Auditorium | 15.00-16.30

Come and hear from international industry leaders discussing how to ensure the Real Estate industry becomes a true enabler for economic growth, sustainable performance and community cohesion. What are the challenges lying ahead, both political and economic? What are the key changes needed to foster a lasting, positive impact in each and every built environment?



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