On diversity and equality, MIPIM can be part of the solution

This year, the world’s largest real estate event takes place against a backdrop of introspection, not only within the property sector, but across many other industries, as attitudes towards equality, diversity and behavioural norms in the workplace are under scrutiny. 25,000 leaders representing the international real estate community, city administrators and politicians from 100 countries will attend MIPIM.

In the weeks that have preceded MIPIM, we have had numerous conversations with clients who acknowledge that the real estate industry needs to do more to ensure equality and diversity.

There are many industry leaders, women and men, who are and who have been championing change, not just because it makes ethical and moral sense, but because it is also good for business.

Indeed, the global real estate industry is evolving radically and those organisations that truly think differently will be better placed to succeed in the future. The only way to think differently is to have a broad range of people around the decision-making table. In short, an industry that wants to employ the brightest and best needs to be able to attract the top talent regardless of gender, race, sexuality, and economic background.

At MIPIM, we will provide an international platform for the debate, for issues to be aired and for progress to be made in the fields of equality and diversity. We believe that this is an exciting and unique moment in time where tangible progress can be made. The programme for MIPIM demonstrates the appetite for change.

The Opening Keynote by 20-year old American author, lecturer and advocate for the young generation, Adora Svitak, will be a fitting and stimulating call to action about how urban development needs to take into consideration the aspirations of the young.

We believe that the largest ever Women in Real Estate networking event on March 13 will be a forum for constructive exchanges.

New technology and PropTech focuses at MIPIM will be a timely reminder about the new thinkers and game-changers who are driving the tech startups that are increasingly impacting real estate.

Our conference sessions devoted to urban development in Africa will raise awareness of important issues facing a continent that is seeing city population growth explode.

In addition to the official conference programme’s ‘Future of Work: The Benefits of Diversity’ (March 15), MIPIM is working alongside the Department of International Trade’s ‘The Importance of Workforce Diversity in the Knowledge Economy” (March 15) and the London Stand/Estates Gazette-hosted ‘London is Open: Diversity is a Mindset’ (March 14) panels to provide food for thought and action.

MIPIM 2018 is a unique opportunity for the forward-thinkers of the sector to interact and exchange ideas so that, together, we can move towards a time when diversity, equality and mutual respect are no longer issues in or outside the workplace.


*This editorial first appeared on the Estates Gazette web site on March 1, 2018.


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Director of the Real Estate Division, Reed Midem

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