5 Leading Women of Commercial Real Estate in 2018

Let’s take a look at some of the leading women in C.R.E. as of 2018.

Susie Algard, according to her guest writer profile at Entrepreneur magazine (online), is “the CEO of OfficeSpace.com, a platform that helps tenants find office space and connect with local brokers in their area. She drives the company’s vision, strategy, and growth. Prior to OfficeSpace.com, Algard was a senior executive and founding team member at WhitePages.com.” But earlier this year, in February, Algard made headlines by appointing technology industry veteran Mark Ashida as the new CEO of OfficeSpace.com. She said of the appointment, “I am excited to announce that Mark Ashida will be taking over the role of CEO at OfficeSpace.com. Mark brings with him a wealth of experience ranging from starting companies from the ground up to stepping in to accelerate growth.” Algard founded OfficeSpace.com and re-launched the company’s website with a focus on the commercial real estate needs of tenants in 2012.

Natalie Bruss is a partner at Fifth Wall. Fifth Wall describes itself as “a venture capital firm focused on technology solutions for the Built World.” The firm describes the Built World as being “the canvas of human existence”. Bruss’ profile page at Fifth Wall states: “Natalie oversees partnerships for LPs and portfolio companies, as well as marketing and brand strategy. Previously, Natalie was Vice President of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at ID, where she built and ran digital partnerships and strategy for consumer and entertainment brands, and talent.”

Julia Davis has been in commercial real estate for 17 years now and is the Head of Referrals & Partnerships at WeWork. In a July, 2017 interview, she described herself as “the Global Head of Broker and Real Estate Partnerships and Referral Programs at WeWork.  My team is responsible for the business development, management and operations surrounding the Broker Partnership and Referral Programs. Additionally, I spearhead strategic partnerships and initiatives with external real estate partners.”



Elizabeth Dukes is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at iOffice. According to the company, her responsibilities include building partnerships and business relationships, communicating company solutions, expanding the team, and advising the iOffice CEO and senior leadership team on business issues. Duke’s knowledge and skills are cited as having helped grow the company from having one client (when Dukes helped found the company in 2001) to more than 1,200 clients today. iOffice became a seven-figure business after only three years in operation.

Linda Day Harrison has been involved professionally in commercial real estate for more than 30 years. Her biggest claim to fame is being the founder of TheBrokerList, which is a virtual real estate network established by Harrison in 2011. The platform’s function is to make day to day operations for commercial real estate professionals (property managers, brokers, and anyone else so involved) more streamlined while flowing more efficiently.

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