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Stora Timranon Eco-Village, Stockholm

Stora Timranon Eco-Village, Stockholm

Over 30,000 islands make up Stockholm’s archipelago. Stora Timrarön, an island less than 60 minutes from the Stockholm city centre, is where Vivere Fastigheter is currently constructing an eco-village that combines both old and new in an environmentally friendly and harmonic way.

Some of our leisure homes on Stora Timrarön are being constructed using timber more than 150 years old, but inside, you will find all the modern equipment and features you could desire. Vivere is also constructing modern leisure homes in wood, to be used as either vacation or year-round homes. What makes this eco-village so attractive is its commanding height, which provides breathtaking views over the sea, and the island’s nearness to the Baltic Sea.

In the modern houses, designed by well-known architect Ulf Nelson, every detail is an environmentally smart choice. For example, the insulation is a blend of hemp and lime, also known as hempcrete. This provides a more stable and comfortable indoor temperature than traditional insulation.

The commissioning of a local state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant and the abundance of municipal fresh water together create a unique condition for living on the island or spending holidays there.

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