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Go!, Brussels

Go!, Brussels – Presented by MCS nv/sa

One of the significant educational players in Belgium is ‘GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap’, and is run by the Flemish Community. Despite being financed by the state, it functions independently from the Flemish Ministry of Education. GO! gathers 28 groups of schools, approximately 1,000 educational institutions representing 3,000 buildings, and roughly 300,000 students. This represents 15% to 20% of the total amount of students in Flanders and Brussels, along with about 32.000 staff members.
The large “Schools of Tomorrow” project appointed 66 architect teams who aim to develop 200 new school buildings in the near future, with a focus on on modern design, property management, space optimisation, flexibility, energy management, etc. With its most forward-thinking educational practices, Go! will definitely take the lead.

This vast project will be supported by the implementation of an integrated Real Estate & Facility Management software platform, called myMCS. Data related to the existing 3,000 buildings along with the 200 new school buildings will be carefully entered and managed in detail in the myMCS software system. The construction project and the software implementation throughout the entire organisation will be completed by 2016.

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