Young leaders at MIPIM: Bernardo Asuaje, Managing Director, Grupo Attia

Bernardo Asuaje, Managing Director, Grupo Attia

Bernardo’s focus over the last few years has been on generating high quality projects that solve today’s most difficult urban problems in Latin America: Urban integration, accessible services, infrastructure for the aging population, and affordable housing. He has worked closely with local authorities to recover and integrate public areas into private real estate developments.

As a young leader, Bernardo Asuaje will be joining the panel discussion Young leaders: promoting talent & skills.

Here is what he envisions for the industry:

 Imagine the future of your industry: How do you see your business evolving in the future?

I see my business focusing on niche markets and mixed-use projects that change the way we live and interact.

Professional commitment: What will be your driving force?

My driving force is to create disruptive real estate projects that succesfully integrate different generational and socioeconomic groups into the city.

Political framework/governance wish for the future of the industry

Improve regulations and incentives for underserved segments like senior housing and affordable housing.

What makes the Real Estate industry attractive to you?

It’s an industry that combines various scientific and artistic disciplines: architecture, design, engineering and economics. Its tangible, long-lasting and has the ability to create everything from nothing.

As a young leader, what the MIPIM main theme “Engaging the future” means to you?

It means brainstorming and planning accordingly to face the challenges that lay ahead for our cities. We need to understand the social and technological changes that are ocurring in our society in order to develop successful real estate projects.

What are your expectations for MIPIM?

To understand the new drivers of change in our industry and meet extraordinary people.

How do you see the industry evolving? What are the next challenges facing the industry?

The industry will evolve towards mixed use 2.0 , which are mixed use offerings that have an emphasis on sustainability and on-demand services.

Technology has greatly increased life expectancy and thus the greatest challenge in the industry is the succesful integration of five very different co-existing generations: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millenials and Generation Z.

How did you feel when you received the speaker invitation for the MIPIM? What was your first reaction?

I was very excited and at the same time felt very humbled to be invited to speak in front of so many people at such a prestigious event. I look forward to sharing my ideas about our incredible industry.


Mark your agenda for the Young Leaders forum on the 13 March:

09.45-11.00 Young leaders: convergence or divergence – Grand Auditorium

11.00-12.00 Young leaders: promoting talent & skills – Grand Auditorium

16.30-18.00 Young leaders cocktail – Gare maritime


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