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This is a series of MIPIM Connect session reports from partner schools. This post features the University La Sorbonne’s notes on the MIPIM Connect session The Role of Real Estate in Improving Health, which you can watch in full below.


Speakers for this session:

Louise Brooke-Smith – Director – Consilio Strategic Consultancy – Planning & development and town planner. 30 years experience in UK and overseas. Long standing planning standards – passion for social diversity and inclusion and comments on the links between real estate with well being.

Joanna Frank – President & CEO – The Center for Active Design – non-profit organisation in NYC, but working globally. How to use information to improve buildings? Huge focus in mental health impact of current crises.

Stacey Meadwell, Writer and editor, Staceymeadwell.com, moderated the session.


Pre-covid landscape: We were very far off, so the Covid was a great catalyst. Real opportunity to embrace and take health issues very seriously – by adopting proper design and create ethical investment. The push is on everybody’s shoulders on every scale.

The impact of covid is enormous: lost working days, lost gross domestic product – it all impacts our health. Social care and health care should always be taken into consideration together.

In the US – real increase of demand for health awareness among individuals pre-covid already. Real Home data – new demand from real estate perspective. Investors do search for it as well esp. pension funds. Real estate industry is up for a challenge globally.


The risk that covid has imposed to real estate is undeniable. What we can do?

Social value – key aspect. People are looking now for: more transparent ways of transaction through digitalisation and transparency.

Use of proper materials is important as well : zero carbon constructions.

People-centric environments – prioritising effects. Over past 15 years car-centring environments were prioritised. Strategies to mitigate transmissions – viral transmission.

Covid is massively affecting mental health. UK was already suffering massively and it is no.1 source of disability and employers were already impacted (£70bn of loss caused by mental health issues in UK only). Optimising and minimising disparities.

Adopting a quality. fantastic examples where quality matters more already visible. Politics, practice and true engagement are critical to move forward. Adding health at every junction of corporate environment in real estate.



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