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Etalon City - Moscow, Russia

Etalon City – Moscow, Russia
Presented by Etalon

This 440 000-sq m project includes comfort class residential buildings, commercial premises and social infrastructure facilities, such as a school, a kindergarten, and a training centre. It is already under construction on a 14.9-ha site near Ulitsa Skobelevskaya metro station in the geographical centre of Greater Moscow.
Etalon-City aims to set the standard of new residential estates in the heart of Moscow with closed and pedestrian courtyards including landscaped promenade areas, as well as children’s playgrounds and sports grounds.

Another innovation is the architectural concept of the estate. Each building, designed by Sergey Choban from SPEECH, will have a “face” representing a particular city. The skylines of downtown New York, Chicago, Barcelona and Monaco and other cities will be reproduced on the faсades of the first phase buildings.

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