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MIPIM has launched a Young Leaders Summit at the 30th edition of the show, with a dedicated conference stream of events being held on Wednesday, March 13.

The programme includes Young Leaders: Convergence Or Divergence, an intergenerational discussion based on the results of a public consultation campaign by to provide a glimpse into the city of the future, the results of which will be revealed on the day. Themes will include promoting ecology and respecting the environment, increasing mobility, reinventing city-centre shopping and making buildings more eco-friendly.

A second discussion, Young Leaders: Promoting Talent & Skills, will examine the development of talents and skills of the next generation while at 15.00, students will gather for a closed-door brainstorming session to produce the Young Leaders Summit outcome on design thinking. This will be used to draw up the charter for tomorrow’s cities.

According to Connor Ryterski, managing director at Prizeotel Hotel Group (top image), the real estate industry has to get better at coaching young talent and encouraging it to move through organsiations.


“Today my generation, generation Y, is looking for someone to get the best out of us.”


However, he said, the right person must avoid overcoaching and blocking younger talent coming
through. Ryterski said the industry has to be more efficient in combining the benefits of experience and new ideas by bringing together all generations in real estate. “We might bring ideas to the table so you need to be able to combine both and don’t be afraid if one will beat the other. It is slowly changing and we are seeing more young people but there is still a lot of improvement to be had.We are moving away from an industry where the title matters in terms of with whom you should be speaking, to experience sharing with the younger generation. That’s nice to see but there needs to be change from the leadership point of view too,” he said.


This and more in the MIPIM News Issue 1; read it in full here…!

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