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Helsinki has been growing at a rate of 1.2% a year for the last decade, but the city authority wants to ensure that growth can be accommodated in a sustainable manner. “We have raised the bar in terms of our climate-change targets and we are to be carbon neutral by 2035,” said Anni Sinnemaki, deputy mayor for urban environment. “It’s pretty ambitious, but we have a good action plan. At MIPIM, what we have been saying to investors, construction companies and developers is that we don’t know how to do it alone. We need partners — and we need innovative partners.

Sinnemaki added that the real estate industry has a pivotal role to play if Helsinki is to hit its carbon-reduction target: “The real estate sector is crucial when it comes to carbon targets. Traditionally, it’s not been the most innovative sector, but I see real change. I’ve had really interesting conversations about lowering the carbon footprint of concrete, green roofs and energy efficiency. I think that climate policy can be a driver, making the whole real estate and construction industries more innovative.”

Sinnemaki also made a broader pitch for the Finnish capital as a destination for investment: “Helsinki is a vibrant, fast-growing city. We are doing really interesting and meaningful things and trying to tackle the challenges of growth in a sustainable and innovative way.


This article was first featured in the MIPIM News issue 3,  read it in full here…!

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