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Gardens, Wroclaw

Gardens, Wroclaw

The unique place in the gardens of the City of Wrocław…
The Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia region presents the property located in one of the most attractive residential districts of Wrocław – Karłowice.

Developed property with an area of about 4.7 hectares is situated on 64-66, Kasprowicza Street, the most important street in the district.
Karłowice is a prestigious residential district of Wrocław. It is adorned with numerous parks and gardens. Detached houses, often historic, compose housing in this area. The offered property is located exactly in the middle of a quiet, peaceful neighborhood.

In the register of monuments there is, among other things, a splendid neo-Gothic main building, a wall surrounding the park along with park facilities.

The plot is located 11 minutes to the Market Square and Old Town and only 6 minutes by car from the railway station. It is near to important public transport route. Picturesque Odra riversides are only a few minutes from the property by walk.

The property is located close to exit routes of Warsaw and Poznan, as well as to the airport, city by-pass, the motorway junction.
This area is supremely attractive to the multi-family housing and services.

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