PropTask is about properties but also finding the right people for real estate projects

The PropTask Marketplace:

Real estate is certainly about properties but real estate is very much a people business and finding the right property specialists can be difficult without proper data. PropTask is a win-win, two way online marketplace for customers to find the right property specialists for their real estate project. Whether it is a property surveyor, land use attorney, termite inspector, mold remediation, or any one of the many types of property vendors needed for the closing, development and management of real estate, PropTask has the qualified and verified experts on their platform for customers to find the right property specialists. Property specialists get to feature their latest projects and expertise making PropTask a valuable marketplace for customers and property vendors in both the residential and commercial space.

Why a Property Specialist Marketplace?

PropTask is definitely about properties but PropTask is more so about people. That is, bringing the right people together to do the best real estate projects. As co-founder of PropTask, I cofounded PropTask as a real estate attorney since I saw many clients not find the right property vendors for their real estate projects. Working with the right property specialists ensures projects can be done successfully, efficiently and within respected time and budgets. The problem now is the data needed to drive the decisions to select the right team is lacking and disorganized. PropTask harnesses data and marketing strategies to allow property specialists to showcase their expertise and for customers to find them!

PropTask was also founded because current property vendor websites do not verify property specialists and also charge for bad leads. PropTask is committed to quality control and checks the credentials, licenses and state boards for each property specialist on the PropTask marketplace. Property specialists appreciate PropTask because there is no charge per lead but only targeted job posts with a cost effective monthly subscription. Ensuring that vendors and customers feel value from the PropTask platform is an important goal for PropTask and why we aim for a win-win approach. The property vendor profiles are optimized for SEO and marketing to gain more traction. The goal is to use the power of better data and better connections with the right property specialists to make real estate projects more likely to succeed with ease and efficiency.

Win-Win Proptech Marketplace

Just how effective can PropTask be? A recent Texas developer purchased a development site in a different state of New York. Not knowing many attorneys there, the developer found the right land use attorney who built and developed the site next door to his site on PropTask. The land use attorney was well versed in the unique environmental and municipal constraints and helped a great deal to ensure the project was a success. Utilizing data to make better real estate decisions can optimize a project and save time, money and resources. PropTask is growing and currently testing in New York and New Jersey with a nationwide launch and mobile platform coming Q1 of 2023.

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Jackie Elnahar, real estate attorney at PropTask Inc.

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