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Simon Hardwick

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East-west capital flow driven by need to balance risk and reward

East-west capital flow: local money coming out of China and South Korea is set to continue to seek a home in international markets, according to the latest trends forecast by PwC and ULI.

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The EMEA Pandora's box

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The EMEA Pandora’s box: What you need to know!

Let's open the EMEA Pandora's box! Learn the impact of EMEA regional diversity on Investment and Property Management.

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Europe & North America at MIPIM 2015

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High attendance from Europe & North America at MIPIM 2015

MIPIM 2015 will see a significant rise in attendance from European territories as well as the United States and Canada. Discover what these countries will have in store this year in Cannes!

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Video: Dr Jürgen Stark addresses the EU financial crisis

Dr Jürgen Stark breaks the silence at MIPIM 2013 in his first public appearance since his departure with the ECBE.

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Retailer of the Week: Funky Fish

Fashion accessories retailer Funky Fish takes their funky attitude worldwide with the Funky Fish Master Franchise Package.

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Europe-Niccolo Caranti

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Project Bonds for Urban Investment

Rolling out the Europe 2020 Project Bond Initiative will help facilitate the borrowing of further investment on capital markets.

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Young turks take on old Europe

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Young turks take on old Europe – Graham Parker

Young Europe gives mature markets a run for their money.

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