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MIPIM World - Feb 23 2015 11:06:30
Riverside County desert, in California is now home to the world’s largest solar-power plant, which generates enough energy to power 160,000 homes. Check out the amazing facts that make this plant the biggest of its kind. Credit/sources:...
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Things are starting to simmer in real estate technology. The first phase of technology development in the category, which was primarily focused around listing services for the residential side of the market, has paved the way for industry leaders to broadly reconsider how technology can make their lives better.

Google News search for "Wind power" - Feb 16 2015 13:23:11
Today, Google announced that it is buying power from California's Altamont Pass, a 7-square-mile iconic wind farm connecting the Bay Area with the Central Valley.
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Don’t think solar works for you? You could be wrong! A lot of myths swirl around solar energy that prevent people from making a well-informed decision
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The third annual "Sustainable Energy in America Factbook" released today documents the continuing dramatic changes in how the U.S. produces, delivers and consumes energy, and makes some projections and predictions about the direction of the energy sector in the future.

MIPIM World - Jan 26 2015 13:00:28

From 3D Modelling to Building Efficiency to Big Data, check out the 5 architectural trends that must not be missed this year!

Since the 2008 mortgage crisis and Great Recession, two industries have fared better than most others: finance and energy.
MIPIM World - Jan 23 2015 15:31:03
Dezeen selects 15 architecture projects to look forward to in 2015, including The Broad, the Whitney, and buildings by OMA, Snöhetta and Herzog & de Meuron
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Earlier this year a team of students from the University of Technology in Trondheim designed a very sustainable hut as part of a design- and building workshop. They were assisted by Rintala Eggertsson Architects and several others. The international seminar that the workshop was part of was focused on the future of eco-tourism in the Western Ghats region in India. And the main purpose of it was to find sustainable solutions, which would benefit both ...
MIPIM World - Jan 07 2015 15:57:31
Take a look at some of the greenest buildings ever constructed
India Art n Design - Jan 07 2015 12:50:37
Ar. Shigeru Ban’s Aspen Art Museum sits in a glass box wrapped in a wooden lattice frame, upheld by the architect’s reinventive design approach...
Alexander Aranda - Jan 07 2015 11:08:21
Solar power is potentially the most powerful energy technologies of the future; we look at how some innovative companies in the sector are paving the way.
Tanzania, in an effort led by Off-Grid Electric, along with the support of the international development community, just set a goal of having “One Million Solar Homes” by the end of 2017. The campaign hopes to furnish solar electricity for 10 percent of the nation’s population and generate over 15,000 solar jobs.
MIPIM World - Feb 24 2015 10:49:30

The City of Paris has approved MVRDV’s plans to overhaul a 1970s urban block in Montparnasse.

MIPIM World - Feb 18 2015 12:50:16
Cool buildings are very attractive to be seen. Everyone will love it anyway. The existence of buildings has its own meaning and everyone has a certain purpose to build that building. Architecture design is important to be used whenever the building is going to be made.
Modular buildings, quite literally, are prefabricated buildings that consist of several sections or ‘modules’ that can be transported using a crane onto a building’s foundation to match the building’s layout. Interestingly, modular constructions adhere to federal codes set down by the U.S. HUD.
MIPIM World - Feb 11 2015 16:57:00
From Chicago River Point in the US to Edmonton Arena District in Canada, discover all the project showcased by North America at MIPIM 2015!
WAN - Feb 10 2015 10:58:02
Carl Turner Architects, who has recently won the RIBA housing competition and has been shortlisted for WAN Awards House of the Year 2012, is proposing a new design to face the flooding problem in the UK and in the world.
MIPIM World - Feb 02 2015 11:37:24

MVRDV has been announced as winner of a two-stage competition for a new “spatially-flexible” tower with a twisting “hourglass figure” near Vienna’s world famous Gasometers.

A product of its times? A techno-monumentalist Blockbuster? The Vuitton Foundation, inaugurated in Paris at the end of October 2014, became the object of all the praise of the great national publications.
MIPIM World - Jan 23 2015 15:50:28
It's a mind-blowing year for boundary-pushing architecture. 2015 is set to see the arrival of Europe and China's tallest buildings, a New York housing block that towers over the Empire State, and a Scottish cathedral brought back from the dead.
MIPIM World - Jan 23 2015 14:10:22

Discover  the 14 architectural trends that might define this year.

WAN - Jan 12 2015 14:32:35
Richard Martinet of Affine Design realises an innovative structure of ephemeral architecture
MIPIM World - Jan 07 2015 14:56:00
Construction and upgrades are scheduled worldwide over the next 12 months, but Berlin's new airport still isn't anywhere near ready
India Art n Design - Jan 07 2015 11:28:10
Whilst ‘neo-futurist architecture’ as a term evolved in the 1960’s, characterized by an ‘uninhibited architectural approach’, the prolific global mushrooming of ‘iconic’ built forms that we see in present times, spurred Team IAnD to probe the larger picture of what makes architecture iconic and what is the response it elicits…
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