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eVolo | Architecture Magazine - Sep 22 2015 16:17:01
The method and means of tectonic principles that govern the dispersion of mass and surface in the project proposal by MA2 Architecture are subject to folding and overlapping of curved tectonic bodies.
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MIPIM World - Sep 18 2015 15:05:54

The 180-meter 'Tour Triangle' is the first skyscraper to be built in Paris since 1973.

Property Finance & Investment - Sep 07 2015 16:35:03
The design of the buildings changed over time, but it should be noted that the function of the building always remained the same: to protect, to give comfort, warmth in winter and coolness in summe...
MIPIM World - Jul 30 2015 14:53:36
We take a look at the unusual architecture delights of Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana.
MIPIM World - Jul 30 2015 12:05:10
In 2014, China's leaders called for less "weird architecture" to be built in the country. But Chinese architects and their clients are still being bold and ambitious.
MIPIM World - Jul 24 2015 13:14:01
The two-storey villa was built from components printed in a factory in Xian, China, then lifted into place with a crane. The construction took just 3 hours. The house is said to last 150 years.
UK Real Estate News - Jul 21 2015 11:24:44
The shortlist for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Sterling Prize for the UK's best new building was announced Thursday, and six intriguing properties have made ...
MIPIM World - Jul 14 2015 10:28:01
Due to an unusually windy day, wind farms in Denmark managed to produce 140 per cent of the country's electricity needs.
MIPIM World - Jul 08 2015 14:30:01

The conceptual residence, is a chameleonic living space encased within the earth atop the high cliffs above the Aegean Sea.

MIPIM World - Jul 02 2015 08:18:01
The office will be approximately 2 000 square feet in size and will be printed layer-by-layer using a 20-foot tall 3D printer
MIPIM World - Jun 30 2015 10:42:02
For all the modern tools and heavy machinery found on construction sites these days, one aspect has remained a decidedly manual labor: bricklaying. Just
MIPIM World - Jun 29 2015 11:41:38
Batteries are quickly becoming a key part of the push to make renewable energy a bigger part of the U.S. power grid in a warming world, experts said.
Fossil fuels are here to stay, but solar energy will play a bigger role in our energy mix than many think.
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MIPIM World - Sep 22 2015 14:29:41
See Acre Designs' plans for a sleek net-zero house with four bedrooms and geothermal heating/cooling. It'll take half the time to build—all for $220K.
MIPIM World - Sep 07 2015 16:51:17

The Council of Tall Buildings, a Chicago-based organisation of architects and designers, published its Innovative 50 list, their ranking of the most innovative buildings of the last 15 years.

To be included, the buildings had to challenge the "traditional typology of tall buildings in some way, through innovation in form, design, façade, environmental approach, technologies".

MIPIM World - Aug 18 2015 15:14:01
There’s a lot of debate these days about what the cities of the future should look like with most people agreeing that they need to be...
MIPIM World - Jul 30 2015 14:25:32
Architecture is the biggest unwritten document of history and touches us on a deep emotional level. So why don't more people think it's important?
MIPIM World - Jul 30 2015 11:15:14
The city-state recently suffered some setbacks, but Singapore's architecture and landscapes continue to assert its place among the wealthiest of Asia's economies.
MIPIM World - Jul 22 2015 09:19:01
How to design a denser city without sacrificing sunlight.
Retail Property Development - Jul 15 2015 15:46:45

Superior retailers operate within extremely tight budgets. Any deviation from the budget results in a hit on the bottom line profit. However, tightening up on critical line items leads to a profitable and sustainable retail chain.

MIPIM World - Jul 13 2015 12:28:08

Abu Dhabi’s economy stands on two pillars, first the oil industry and second construction. Now as we talk about the construction industry, this region was once labeled as the world’s biggest per capita contributors to CO emissions, however; with more emphasis given to green building design and energy efficiency, the scenario is changing.

MIPIM World - Jul 06 2015 11:07:47
Wind energy is bringing more power online in Africa
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MIPIM World - Jul 01 2015 10:29:01
Rooftop solar power is taking off in Australia, undermining the prospects for the sale of a long-term lease on part of the electricity grid in New South Wales state.
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MIPIM World - Jun 29 2015 17:46:01

Karim Rashid turned to his Facebook fans as a community-regulated lifeline to the neighborhood's preservation-centric community

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