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MIPIM World - Apr 29 2015 10:38:01
Sustainable four-bed homes generate enough solar energy to be powered all year round, says Masdar
MIPIM World - Apr 28 2015 09:36:01
Some homeowners have installed artificial turf in their yards to cut back on water use, though several environmental groups object to the fake grass.
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MIPIM World - Apr 23 2015 09:00:01

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), a membership organisation dedicated to improving the energy performance of buildings across Europe, has produced a new fact sheet on definitions of 'nearly zero energy buildings' (nZEB) across Europe.

MIPIM World - Apr 21 2015 10:01:19
The competition brief was to design a single building where study programmes will be shared between six education and research institutions belonging to the Paris-Saclay University: the École Polytechnique, Institut Mines-Telecom, AgroParistech
MIPIM World - Apr 15 2015 12:22:43
Work has just commenced on the 28 million euro regeneration of the historic Old Medina of Casablanca in Morocco. Designs for a Foster + Partners-designed tower cluster in the quarter’s harbour area were originally revealed last year. The scheme
MIPIM World - Apr 13 2015 10:54:36
A futuristic wind turbine proposed for construction in the Netherlands promises to harness green energy as well as providing people with a home.
MIPIM World - Apr 08 2015 14:00:01
A massive luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps that is proposed to stand 1,250 feet tall is facing criticism.
MIPIM World - Apr 01 2015 11:30:23
Work is progressing on the Sustainable Energy Efficient Demonstration House on Tipton Highway, a project that is a partnership between Midwest Energy
MIPIM World - Mar 18 2015 11:19:41
Jamais autant de capitaux ne se sont déversés sur l’immobilier. Le Mipim, qui s’est tenu la semaine dernière, a témoigné de ce tsunami de liquidités qui...
MIPIM World - Mar 03 2015 12:00:01

The Eiffel Tower’s iron-clad frame turned slightly greener last week, with the installation of two new wind turbines along its lower deck. Perched some 400 feet above the ground, atop a ritzy, second-level restaurant, the slender turbines are part of a broader effort to make Paris’ most iconic monument more eco-friendly — even if only slightly.

MIPIM World - Mar 03 2015 10:09:36

Google just unveiled plans for a new headquarters in Mountain View that looks like a series of canopies or even almost geodesic-dome like formations.

Tanzania, in an effort led by Off-Grid Electric, along with the support of the international development community, just set a goal of having “One Million Solar Homes” by the end of 2017. The campaign hopes to furnish solar electricity for 10 percent of the nation’s population and generate over 15,000 solar jobs.
MIPIM World - May 01 2015 12:20:01
The Pearl of Istanbul is a large new development located in a natural cove on the fringes of Istanbul, tipped to become a vibrant cultural destination attracting locals and visitors from all over the world, and becoming a driver of prosperity in the
MIPIM World - Apr 30 2015 11:18:01

For years, much of the motivation for going green or adopting sustainability best practices has focused on cost savings from energy, water and other forms of conservation. But appraisal, while a science, is also an art. 

MIPIM World - Apr 29 2015 09:19:01
The common thread for me between architecture, real estate development, and technology is that in all of these cases it is about imagining the way things could be in the future and then creating it. It’s about change. It’s about growth. It’s about creation. I consider myself a builder in practically every sense.
MIPIM World - Apr 27 2015 10:32:33
So far, specific details are thin on the new battery designed for home use that Tesla’s announcing next week. But just based on what we do know, it’s a pretty big deal. The quest for a good battery that can store home-generated power is kind of like the holy grail for a renewable energy future. This one product might change everything.
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MIPIM World - Apr 22 2015 10:31:01
A roundup of the most extraordinary edifices presently underway, from Egypt's modern-day "pyramid" and Switzerland's soaring "mirror," to the soon-to-be new "king" of the world.
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MIPIM World - Apr 20 2015 10:54:39
Kleindienst Group to build 42 luxury homes offshore from St Petersburg as part of its Heart of Europe island
MIPIM World - Apr 14 2015 10:24:01
Where you'll be living soon, from glass tree houses to inflatable buildings.
MIPIM World - Apr 08 2015 14:30:01

Tall buildings can be beautiful, but the big gloomy shadows they cast can leave urban centers starved of sunlight.

MIPIM World - Apr 07 2015 11:18:57

Developed for an international planning and architectural competition, this proposed masterplan for the Città della Scienza by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, coffice – studio di architettura e urbanistica, and Studio d’Architettura Briguglio Morales fuses sustainability with history to propose a self-sufficient urban ecosystem in Italy.

MIPIM World - Mar 31 2015 13:17:01
The Egyptian government has revealed plans to construct a 200-metre-high skyscraper modelled on the county's most famous architectural structures.
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MIPIM World - Mar 09 2015 17:06:33
This large development will be a new home to businesses, reseach, training and new employment - just 40 minutes from downtown Toronto.
MIPIM World - Mar 03 2015 10:38:20
Spreading over 3800 square meters, the Farming Kindergarten by Vo Trong Nghia Architects was built to serve up to 500 of the children of low-income factory workers based at an adjacent shoe factory.
MIPIM World - Mar 02 2015 17:04:13
Google is putting up $300 million as part of a $750 million SolarCity fund for residential homes.
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