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MIPIM World - Sep 29 2014 17:17:26
As technical director of 1 World Trade Center, SOM's Nicole Dosso is the most famous architect you've never heard of.

Is paradise a large metropolis? As city dwellers, we’re prone to believing that the good life is found on a desolate beach far from the cacophony of any urban environment.

Urban Intelligence in Cities - Sep 03 2014 11:04:27
Bio-hotel Ulrichshof has undergone a major expansion in order to meet the needs of parents as well as their children.

MIPIM World - Sep 02 2014 16:06:39

 Here's a huge list of 50 strange building all over the world.

Digital Trends
Giant floating duck could provide solar energy for Copenhagen
Digital Trends
The idea of a giant solar-panel-covered duck supplying a European city with renewable energy may sound bizarre to most regular folk (dare I say “quackers”?
MIPIM World - Jul 28 2014 11:42:38
When it's time to build your own home and money's no object, use one of these ten top architects to design it.
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MIPIM World - Jul 28 2014 11:28:17
The role architecture plays in our everyday lives is astronomical. From the cool houses we marvel at on Freshome’s pages to historical & iconic buildin
MIPIM World - Jul 16 2014 17:30:38
Architecture is a fascinating line of industry that is rife with creative opportunity. Throughout history we have seen countless innovative designs from all over the world, from historical architecture of the past to the downright bizarre, the realm of building design is certainly a multi-faceted one. However, it’s not all about looks when it comes…
MIPIM World - Jul 09 2014 16:40:21
How soon can China's real estate market bounce back?
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MIPIM World - Jul 04 2014 12:21:48
Take a tour of Parking Garage Shaped Like Bookshelf - Kansas City Public Library in Kansas City, United States - part of the World's Greatest Attractions tra...
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MIPIM World - Jun 26 2014 10:30:01
As fears of global warming induced population displacement are steadily realized, the allure of waterborne aquatecture becomes more and more enticing. Designed by Alexander Asadov, this incredible floating Aerohotel features a lighter-than-air aesthetic that
Gaurang Trivedi - Jun 23 2014 15:47:51
In a net zero energy building the total amount of energy used by the building annually, is roughly equal to the renewable energy created on site.
MIPIM World - Nov 05 2014 10:24:28
From soaring megatowers to showstopping museums, AD spotlights cutting-edge architectural marvels set to open around the globe this year
MIPIM World - Oct 07 2014 12:07:28
China's string of amazing hotel openings continues with the completion of the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing.
MIPIM World - Sep 18 2014 17:54:20
Google’s Moscow Office – Pure Google, With Great Local Style

India Art n Design - Sep 16 2014 14:55:35
Award-winning Japanese firm Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture has created a cave-like space within its Nagoya, Japan office that serves a multi-functional purpose. Known as Paper Cave or Fusionner2.0, this installation is a part of the firm’s three-fold series, Fusionner, which seeks to create spaces based on the activities that might take place in each one of them.

MIPIM World - Sep 02 2014 17:02:47
Ever thought of making a home out of a disused railway carriage, or a converted aircraft? Or what about building a wall out of shredded tyres? Julia Flynn finds ways to unleash your inner eco-warrior and make a green property

UK Real Estate News - Aug 13 2014 12:04:15

By next year, as much as 48% of new non-residential building construction will be green, according to estimates. Sustainable architecture is no longer rare.

MIPIM World - Jul 29 2014 15:58:37
Who needs boring bricks? The house of the future will be made of trouser legs, VHS tapes and blowtorched carpet tiles. Oliver Wainwright visits the home in Brighton made almost entirely of rubbish
MIPIM World - Jul 28 2014 11:36:27
Audaciously sculptural or pared down and pristine, these 10 great feats of architectural ingenuity are pushing the field in bold new directions
MIPIM World - Jul 16 2014 17:34:09
Thailand's green building scene took a while to take off, but it has a bright future driven by the bonus construction area allotted to new buildings that apply under the Thai Green Building Institute's (TGBI) criteria.
MIPIM World - Jul 09 2014 17:20:23
A new gallery by of 21 of the craziest buildings in China shows off some of the buildings constructed in recent decades that have been causing a stir.
MIPIM World - Jul 04 2014 13:34:01
The most daring piece of public art ever commissioned in the UK, Turning the Place Over is artist Richard Wilson's most radical intervention into architectur...
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MIPIM World - Jul 04 2014 12:16:02
Kansas City Library - Kansas Although the idiom does explicitly say that you should never judge a book by its cover, in the case of Kansas City Library, we reckon it's quite alright if we do. Featuring 22 classic titles, such as Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird and Charlotte's Web, the book-...
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ArchDaily - Jun 25 2014 15:56:44
Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926), the Catalán architect known for his distinctive, fantastical style, and – of course – for his magnum opus, the unfinished Sagrada Família, would have turned 162 today. Heavily influenced by religion and the forms,...
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