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Highlight on Finland At MIPIM 2013

Check out Finland's presence at MIPIM with the City of Oulu's Hiukkavaara on show this year.


mipim2013-projects-Living in the City of Oulu


Presented by City of Oulu (Finland)

Hiukkavaara, situated seven kilometers North-East from Oulu city centre, is the most significant future construction site in Oulu offering one family homes for about 20,000 people. The first phase street plan for Hiukkavaara is now completed and the second phase is underway. Sustainable development will be the key during this development. 9,500 apartments will be built and 1,800 jobs are expected to be createdin the area.


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Photo credit: Koskenniska housing area in the city of Oulu,Copyright: City of Oulu


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