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Zuellig Building takes home ‘Your Choice Award’

Zuellig Building, located in Makati City, Philippines, announced as winner of the Your Choice Award category during the MIPIM Asia Awards!


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With over 11,000 votes cast, the first ever MIPIM Asia Your Choice Award was a huge success! Not only was the number of total votes cast impressive, but it was a very tight race, with the majority of projects running away with hundreds of votes! Launched on the official MIPIM Asia Facebook Page, the contest was also open to those via the MIPIM Asia website. That being said, there could only be one winner. On behalf of Reed MIDEM, we would like to thank you all for participating this year and hope you will continue to participate again by voting in the up-coming MIPIM 2013 Awards online competition this January!


The Zuellig Building, located in Makati City, Philippines, “combines a commitment to environmental responsibility with state-of-the-art infrastructure and superb finishes to offer tenants a prime-grade workplace of a quality unmatched in the office market of Metro Manila.”


The building gains its identity from the ceramic frit pattern of the glass curtain wall. Inspired by bamboo and flowing water, the distinctive all-glass facade lends reference to vernacular and organic motifs and serves to supplement the shading capabilities of the building envelope. The large double-paned glass panels with low emissivity (low-E) coating minimize solar heat gain and energy loss while maximizing the penetration of light.


Source: http://zuelligbuilding.com/

Image: Image & Co. /S. D’Halloy




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  1. On January 13, 2013 at 2:54 am Joana Marie V. Parac said:

    I’m proud to be part of the zuellig family….