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Retailer of the Week: MegaMatte

Brazilian fast food chain MegaMatte offers customers affordable snacks that are both nutritious and delicious.



First opening its doors in 1994, Brazilian restaurant chain MegaMatte brought an innovative new concept to the fast food market. Their idea?  Give consumers an economical and healthy fast food option combining wallet-friendly prices, wholesome products and exceptional service.

MegaMatte offers a variety of breads, sandwiches, desserts and hot beverages, as well as an impressive selection of fresh vitamin packed juices; however the real star of the show is the mate, a traditional South American beverage prepared from the leaves of yerba mate.

Since its inception, each MegaMatte location offers customers organic mate, prepared by hand.  In order to ensure that all natural benefits are maintained, mate is free of preservatives, syrups and other chemicals. This unique production has set MegaMatte apart from the rest, playing a key role in their success.


Mega Matte will join 1,800 retailers at MAPIC 2012.
Meet them this November!

It wasn’t until after 11 years in the market (2005), that MegaMatte decided to join the franchise system. Since then, they haven’t looked back. MegaMatte’s trademark production of mate promotes not only a healthy lifestyle, but company growth as well. The exclusive production system minimizes mate costs, increases profitability and encourages the development of new franchises.

MegaMatte currently operates 101 units in Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

In 2011, MegaMatte took part in a project led by AFRAS and ABF to teach franchise networks to inventory emissions from the consumption of energy, water, wastewater and solid waste. Through this initiative, MegaMatte was able to reduce and offset greenhouse gases (GHGs) from five units in their network. Today’s goal is to continue with the program, and offset greenhouse gases in all stores.


Image: www.megamatte.com.br



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