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Retailer of the Week: Uno de 50

Spanish jewellery retailer Uno de 50 has become one in a million thanks to their original designs and bold choice to break away from the mould.



In the late 1990s, a group of designers set out to develop a jewellery and accessories business that would set itself apart from the rest, breaking away from current trends, and exhibiting a personality of its own.

Like the name says (Uno de 50, or “One of 50”), their project was based on the idea of creating only 50 units of each design, thus rendering the pieces more exclusive and unique. Collections were not to follow trends or fashion, but to convey original and timeless designs inspired by everyday details found in the world around us.

Since its creation, Uno de 50 has continued to gain popularity, and attributes their success to three key characteristics: originality, creativity and a unique personality.

The entire fabrication process, including design, is carried out at the company’s headquarters in Madrid, Spain. All pieces are created using a metal alloy that allows the formation of the unique shapes and textures characteristic of Uno de 50 collections.

Production has been expanded to now include more than 50 pieces per collection, allowing more customers the unique chance to enjoy their original designs. However, in order to preserve the essence of the brand, various limited edition collections of 50 pieces are still offered.

International expansion has been a company priority in recent years, and shops can now be found in France, the United States, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela.

Uno de 50 will be one of 1,800 retailers present at MAPIC this November.


Image: Flickr Laura Cantero Diaz


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