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Retailer of the Week: COURIR

French retailer Courir is helping customers put their best foot forward with an impressive selection of stylish brand name sneakers.




It has long time been proven that running and other forms of intense exercise are among the best aerobic exercises for the physical conditioning of your heart and lungs. It has also been said that it once of the best forms of stress relief and a natural anti-depressant. With the London Summer Olympics in full swing, no time is better than the present for Sport brands worldwide to boost their marketing campaigns and drive sales. The French retailer COURIR (meaning, “to run” in English), part of the group GOSPORT, has recognized the growing trend in good health and sport and has jumped onboard for further development.

Boasting a selection of brand named trainers, sport clothing, accessories and other exclusive products, COURIR is a dedicated store for the passionate athlete. Opened in 1980, with an average surface space of 1300 per store, this retailer has 160 stores in France, of which 30 % are found within the capital region, Paris. Their implantation has primarily been in shopping centres, with only 20 % of stores located on high streets.

With an interactive website and dynamic Facebook page, COURIR is clearly developing their multichannel strategy. In order to merge their online and offline presence, shoe models are presented online and coupons are available in order to secure the purchase in shop. Other freebies and videos are available, further enhancing the customer experience.

Interested in learning more about COURIR and other sports retailers looking to expand their presence? Meet them at MAPIC this year!



Image: Courir website


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