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What’s Popping Up near you?

The hot trend of Pop-up Stores has become a strategic move for real estate companies and landlords looking to benefit in a down economy.



Off the boat from America, a new concept is “popping up” all over Europe and Asia, revolutionizing not only the way retailers market their brand, but the way consumers do their shopping.


Let me introduce the Pop-Up store

The definition of Pop-Up Retail according to Wikipedia, a pop-up store (pop-up shop in the UK) or flash retailing, is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces in Canada, US, UK and Australia. However, one can now see this trend spreading like wild fire throughout Europe and Asia.

The concept actually originated in Los Angeles, California, when the retailer VACANT went on a business trip to Tokyo and was mesmerized by the number of customers lining up to buy limited edition products. The stock would sell out in a matter of hours and the location would shut down until it received another shipment of stock. They decided to do the same thing with their clothing shop: closing the store and opening back up in new targeted locations. This was over 10 years ago. Now, the trend of Pop-up Shops has become a strategic move for real estate companies and landlords looking to benefit in a down economy until the market picks up. Through use of intelligent design and technology, many retailers are using it as a form of entertainment, giving consumers not only great products, but a memorable shopping experience as well.


Some great examples of Pop-Store retailing

To coincide with the Olympics, H&M has cleverly opened 2 pop-up store locations in London in order to promote their new line of sport clothing. The exclusive collections can be found in Covent Garden and Westfield Stratford City from July. In bright neon colors and colorful designs, these great styles will be hard to miss!


Pop-up shops don’t discriminate. Even travel agencies are getting in on this hot trend. In March 2012, Corendon opened its first pop-up in the center of Mechelen, Belgium. In order to get visitors to their new shop, they launched a multi-channel promotional campaign (social media ads, flyers, mobile) offering online customers the chance to win a dream vacation.  Under one condition: that they come to the shop itself to validate their entry. In just a few hours, over 400 participants flooded the shop and by end of week, up to 680 subscriptions were collected.


Where’s an extreme makeover team when you need them? How about 5 minutes from you office! Karl Lagerfeld has joined forces with beauty giant Schwarzkopf in this latest pop-up craze: the ‘Lightbox’. Decorated with photos of top models on the walls, an elegant café, and equipped with top stylists, the ephemeral space allows for fashionable hairstyles on the go. The first store opened its doors on April 16th in Düsseldorf and a variation of the pop-up is set to appear in Westfield, UK, in anticipation of the Olympic Games, supported by a heavy social media campaign.


Storage Containers were never cooler. Or in higher demand. With the rise of pop-up shops, storage containers have provided to be the perfect foundation for mobile…and for once when I say ‘mobile’, I mean, traveling…businesses. Illy has capitalised on the trend by creating roaming coffee stations, fully interactive spaces with high class design.



Pop-up shops will be a big theme this year at MAPIC and PopItUp, a Belgian company specialising in the popular trend, will be there to present their projects in the MORE Pavilion!

For more on Pop-Up stores, check out edition 6 of MORE Vision, our online report detailing the latest trends in retail!


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Images: H&M, Corendon, Schwarzkopf, Illy



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