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More Vision 6: Pop-Up Retail

Pop-up shops have gone from a perfect example of temporary installation to a fixture on every marketing-strategy-to-do list.



FACT: The pop-up concept is aimed more at selling the brand rather than the product.

FACT: The pop-up allows landlords to fill vacant space while seeking permanent tenant.

FACT: Pop-up’s are a cost-efficient way of sparking social regeneration.

First identified in late 2003, the “Pop-up store” has grown into a trend that retail marketers are rapidly embracing. Acting as a quick and flexible solution to offer greater variety and make better use of vacant properties, Pop-ups also provide brands with an opportunity to engage directly with their customers in a way rarely available through conventional retailing.


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Top industry players featured in this issue:

Karolin Forsling, Head of Retail, AMF Fastigheter

Marc Bolland, Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer

Adrian Bisseliches, Associate Director, My Pop Up Store

Duncan Gilliard, Central London Retail, Cushman & Wakefield



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