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Quebec to spend $ 9.5 million

Quebec makes heavy investment over the next three years to help stimulate the garment industry.


Montreal sunset

Montreal is a major hub for the fashion industry.  With its dynamic and renowned shopping districts, as well as its internationally acclaimed fashion events, it has become Canada’s fashion capital. It also ranks among the largest production centres in North America, along with New York and Los Angeles.

According to the Apparel Human Resources Council (AHRC), the apparel and fashion industry employs 38,000 people in the province of Quebec, and around 75,000 in Canada.  Quebec is also home to a number of well-known brands such as Aldo, La Vie en Rose, Lolë, and FIG Clothing, to name a few.

In order to stimulate the industry and promote Quebec’s creativity at an international level, the government will allocate 4 million dollars over the next three years to develop markets such as the U.S., Europe, Japan and South America.

A part of the budget will also be allocated to encourage foreign buyers to participate in Montreal’s Fashion Week, which usually takes place in February.

Quebec will also invest 3 million dollars over the next three years in a pilot project to help the garment industry integrate information technology in its activities.

A working group, chaired by Mr. Elliot Lifson, Vice-Chairman of Peerless Clothing, and Ms. Anna Martini, President of Groupe Dynamite, has also been formed to identify promising avenues for the Canadian fashion and clothing industry, recommend concrete actions to support businesses in this sector and help companies position themselves in niche markets with high added value. Forming partnerships between creators and retailers and developing a brand strategy for Montreal as a fashion capital are also part of the group’s action plan.

“I was very happy, it’s not often that our industry is mentioned in a budget”, said Mr Lifson in an article recently published by the Montreal newspaper, La Presse. “This shows that the perception has changed, that we are no longer seen as an industry in its twilight, but as an industry where there is creativity and innovation.”

The fashion industry has helped shape Montréal’s identity. This decision from the Quebec government further supports Montreal’s desire to stand out internationally as a city of innovation and creativity.


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