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Retail global expansion: a portfolio of opportunities

How can today's retailers best face tough international competition? Our experts have the answers!


Retailers are facing stiff competition from new international players entering their home markets. What must they do to stay one step ahead of the competition?

This session explores top issues facing retailers, answering questions including:

Is now a good time for retailers to invest in a global expansion strategy, or should they wait for economic conditions to measurably improve?

What are developers doing to entice international retailers?

Ready or not: What preparations can retailers do to lay the foundations for greater and faster success? What will help them position themselves as early movers, rather than as followers competing for market share?

What are the challenges and opportunities for global expansion?

Jayne Rafter, Publisher & Joint MD, RLI C/O Paramount Publications Ltd

Filipe Correia, Expansion Director, Parfois
Claude Dion, Senior Vice President Asset Management Europe, Ivanhoe Cambridge Europe
Dr. Filipa Fernandes, Head of Research and Innovation, SES Spar European Shopping Centers
Marc-Christian Riebe, CEO, Location Retail AG

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