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Polarisation will continue across European markets

The ongoing divergence in market conditions and the appeal of entering new territories was again underlined at MAPIC.


James Brown speaks at MAPIC 2011

Jones Lange LaSalle‘s head of retail research for EMEA, James Brown, summed up the mood of the market in his MAPIC keynote address on the final morning.

“We’re currently seeing deterioration in retailerr and consumer confidence,” he said, “But there are important regional variations–Germany and the Nordics are still much stronger. And Central and Eastern Europe can expect strong retail sales growth, while the ‘Club Med” contries are facing declines.

Jones Lang LaSalle’s research has identified Poland, Russia and, increasingly, Turkey as enduring hotspots with “strong retail sales growth and strong fundamentals.”

Read the full story here in the MAPIC 2011 Review, page 6.

Watch James Brown’s wrap-up keynote.

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  1. On January 17, 2012 at 12:10 pm Bob Koncelik said:

    This is good analysis, but I think the real question is how much longer will strong countries want to support weak ones? Does Europe really want to create an entity that is politically motivated to continually “bail out” banks and governments? If they do, it is not fixing the problem. The only real fix is to end the euro and return to national currencies. This ends contagion and will allow each country to monitor its own monetary and fiscal policies. It will be painful for some, but is best for all.