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Asian capital: regional plans, global ambitions

Asian investors are diversifying outside of their domestic markets--how will it influence the market?


Asian investors are increasingly looking outside their domestic borders for new opportunities in real estate. Korean and Japanese investors look to set to lead this trend as they see both the benefits of increased real estate investing and diversifying out of their domestic markets. This session looks as what interests them and other Asian investors in terms of risk/return and geography and how influential their capital will be in the market.

Andrea Carpenter, Director, ANREV (Hong Kong)

Jin Seo, Manager, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (Korea)
Hans Vrensen, Director Global Head of Global Research, DTZ (UK)
Satoru Yamashita, Vice President, Mitsui Fudosan Investment Advisors (Japan)    François Trausch, CEO, Asia Pacific, GE Capital Real Estate

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