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Value-added retail – Mark Faithfull

French consumers have become extremely price-sensitive, and retailers have had to adjust.


Value-added retail

Price has now become the key issue for French consumers in a market dominated by the major grocers.

The top five players — Carrefour, itm, E.Leclerc, Casino and Systeme U — represent around 65% of the national market. And this in a country where food represents the highest proportion of total retail spend per capita in Europe other than Switzerland.

With price now such a preoccupation for French consumers, who often think nothing of visiting three or four different stores to complete their shopping, the non-food departments in the hypermarkets are losing out to specialist retailers such as Fnac, Zara and Sephora, as well as to the internet, according to analyst Planet Retail.

Click here to read the full article in MAPIC Special France 2010, page 27.


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