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Keynote address by John Scott, Head of Business Development, Debenhams (UK)

How Debenhams weathered the recent financial storm.


The recent financial crisis did little to affect the global expansion of Debenhams department stores. During the crisis, the company opened 21 department stores in 12 countries.

In this session, John Scott, Head of Business Development for Debenhams (UK), outlines his vision of how department store retail can expand across the world.

He discusses how the in-built flexibility of the Debenhams concept and business model has allowed them to expand in existing markets and to take first-mover advantage in others. He uses the session to examine how the relationships between the franchisor, the franchisee and developers have shifted in recent times.

John Scott, Head of Business Development, Debenhams (UK)
Jayne Rafter, Publisher, RLI – Retail & Leisure International
Paramount Publications Ltd (UK)

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